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  • Joe Biden bans face masks at rally

        april fools lol
  • Top 5 stocks to buy for March 2021

    1.GME  2.AMC  3.CCIV  4.TSNP 5.BTHG
  • Why dogecoin could be bigger then any bitcoin ?

    Disclaimer: This is not financial advise. This is only for entertainment purposes. Culture89 does not encourage or advise on stocks. by continuing to read this article you agree that this is for entertainment purposes only. 


  • if you have extra $600 here's top stocks picks

    Stock market is insane right now. Apple is about explode to high records very soon(just prediction) GME (Gamestop) is now more valuable then apple ...
  • Biden tax plan start at 75K not 400k There is loophole.

    Disclaimer: This is only personal blog but we did collect actual facts from multiple sources please do your research please   Joe biden's tax plan ...