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if you have extra $600 here's top stocks picks

Stock market is insane right now. Apple is about explode to high records very soon(just prediction) GME (Gamestop) is now more valuable then apple stocks lol. 

My thoughts on wallstreetbets is this person or entity isn't criminal or bad guy. I believe wallstreet mob has been making money off the middle class for centuries. If wallstreet hedge mob wants to change rules go ahead do it find out how that will play for you. Hedge mob has been crippling our class far too long. so if your hedge fund go fuck yourself we taking over this shit now ! Fuck CNBC too you cocksuckers who want people to stay broke forever so your bosses at hedge fund can pay you !


now let's get to stock picks

NOK is one of those stocks which is why i bought stocks today. AMC will explode as well but i haven't bought it low cash right now. I like HUYA stocks according to hedge fund out there they think it will hit $150 per share. 


Good luck and remember this is not advice just educational blog and note so please do your own research  

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